Absa e-mail scam – Feb 2014

We’ve seen numerous attempts by cyber criminals to cheat us into revealing our account and pin numbers. This posting is yet about another attempt which is very well orchestrated.

Received this e-mail today :absa_scam1Click on the image to enlarge.

Normally we would see an encrypted attachment which can only be opened by Stratia Reader which is secure software which requires your ID number before it will open the attachment.

This time there is only a webpage attachment – that’s the first warning sign.

When opening the attachment it will take you to a very authentic looking login page which requires all your relevant information, including your account and pin numbers. This one is difficult to distinguish from the original Absa page, but you’ve already missed the first warning.

absa_scamClick image to enlarge.

The actual domain of the criminal looks like this :absa_scam2The rest is all fake and targeted at stealing your information and ultimately hi-jack your hard-earned money.

Don’t say you’ve not been warned! Be safe, contact your bank if you’re not sure. Read the scam information on your banks home page. Never follow links from e-mails but rather use the regular route to your online banking.