Cables, cables everywhere

We have a full range of cables available to our customers.

Not only do we stock the standard, run of the mill power cables, network cables and printer cables, but we also have a large variety of audio visual cables available at possibly the best prices in our area.

Listed is a couple of examples with our pricing included :

General cables normally stocked :

Extension cable 3m                                                           R 49.00
Printer cable 1.8m                                                            R 32.00
Printer cable 5m                                                               R 89.00
USB to serial 1.2m                                                           R 99.00
USB 5pin to AM mini                                                         R 39.00
USB female to Micro                                                         R 52.00
USB to Firewire                                                                R 69.00

4Pin IEEE1394 1.8m                                                        R 59.00

1m                                                                                 R 39.00

2 x RCA to 2 x RCA                                                        R 19.00
3.5mm Stereo male to female                                         R 49.00
2 x RCA to S-Video                                                        R 45.00
3.5mm Stereo to 2 x RCA                                               R 29.00
3.5mm Stereo male to male                                           R 29.00

2 Way splitter                                                               R 65.00
Male to male standard                                                   R 25.00

HDMI to DVI 10m                                                        R335.00
HDMI to DVI Digital                                                     R149.00
HDMI to HDMI micro 1.5m                                           R119.00

Network cable made up according to your specification at R 5.00 per meter and R 2.00 per tip. Example for 5 meter cable – R 25.00 + 2 x tips (R 4.00) = R 29.00

We will find or recommend the correct cable for your application.