Lan for Life event

The past weekend saw us joining Harry & his wife in a charity drive for little George and his family at Langebaanweg (Air Force base) for his Lan for Life event. Even though we are all experiencing difficult times we judged this as a worthwhile cause and attended in force.

Friday started off slow with all the highlights of the weekend on Saturday. PC Format sent their hardware guru to hand over some very specials gifts to George including a tablet.

Matrix Warehouse West Coast engaged actively as a sponsor of various computer goodies which were used as prizes for the gaming competitions as well as an auction of certain items. Some top notch items were also sold at much reduced prices.

The event started Friday and finished off on Sunday 28 October.

We would like to thank Harry and his team for a job well done, as well as the Zen Lan crowd (Brent & Nikki) for the use of their infrastructure. Then of course also the use of the Impala hall at the air force base. Without these facilities it would not have happened. Yes, the hotdogs were a treat and a give-away at the price for all the time and effort put into it.

Thank you to all our customers for their support and for attending this worthwhile event.

The complete set of photos are available at the 4Sharedservices for viewing / download.